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10.12.2023 / CM Newsletter 4/2023

Those who survived the exile and are back in the province are in great trouble and disgrace. The wall of Jerusalem is broken down, and its gates have been burned with fire.…“

(Nehemiah 1:3)

Nehemiah was in exile in Babylon, highly respected as the Persian king’s cupbearer. He was the king's most trusted servant. Nehemiah was far away from his hometown and his people and heard the unexpected news about the dreadful situation the Israelites were in, hopeless and at the mercy of the enemy. The walls of Jerusalem were broken. There was no protection and security anymore. The Holy City had fallen.

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MBB Global Prayer Day
Video from the Livestream 2023

Did you miss our annual MBB Global Prayer Day in November?

Don’t worry, you can still watch our live stream here, get inspired by the stories, and pray with and for MBBs worldwide!

(Click on the subtitle icon to activate the English subtitles)

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Prayer for Israel and Gaza

We as Muslim Background Believers (MBBs) and Communio Messianica are praying for victims on both sides of the conflict, we pray that the situation will not escalate and that overreaction will not occur on either side. We condemn all acts of terror, and we stand with those who are suffering as targets of terrorism and dying because of it. 

As the body of Christ, we want to pray for peace for each individual in the Middle East, because the message and unconditional love of our Lord Jesus Christ is for every human. Jesus does not partake in politics… He sees the individual as they are in need, suffering, and lost. Through following His example, we do not pray for sides – we pray for all the people impacted by this conflict.  

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Middle East   24.11.2023
CM Christmas Campaign 2023
TURKEY: Bringing smiles to children’s faces! This year CM’s annual Christmas campaign will focus on reaching two target groups of people through two main activities. Through this, CM hopes to make a difference in the lives of people during this time of the year. Find out how to be a part of it!
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Middle East   10.12.2023
Pray for MBBs in Iraq
IRAQ: Our MBB brothers and sisters in Irak continue to face severe rejection and persecution from their Mus-lim Families and Communities.
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