12/10/2023 | Middle East

Pray for MBBs in Iraq

Main square in Erbil, Iraq. © Saad Salim by Unsplash.com


Our MBB brothers and sisters in Irak continue to face severe rejection and persecution from their Muslim families and communities. Pray for our CM pastoral leader for Iraq, who has faced severe persecution himself while taking care of the followers of Christ. Pray also for the often discouraged flock living scattered over the whole country with little to no opportunity for fellowship with other followers of Christ. Some of our brothers and sisters have found temporary refuge in northern Iraq, but they long to be able to live in peace among their people and be a witness of the love of Christ to them.

Iraq is a sectarian country with dividing lines following the clan or tribe contours. These clans and tribes define themselves by the form of Islam they follow, making it impossible for members to leave that form of Islam without being ostracized and persecuted by their clan. Pray for the believers living where Abram (Abraham) set out from at God’s bidding to find the Promised Land, that all of God’s promises would be fulfilled in their land.

Please note: The use of ‘Muslim Background Believer’ (MBB) in this report refers to a former Muslim who now follows Christ.