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24.04.2023 / CM Newsletter 2/2023

‘Cheer up! On your feet! He’s calling you.’

(Mk 10:49)

What a hopeful calling. When Jesus speaks, hope is near.

Hope is giving us confidence in the future, optimism about what the future will bring someone, the prospect of something better.

In these difficult times, when our world is out of joint, no stone left standing, it is human to give up hope and let our courage sink, because who knows what the future holds—especially for those who have been affected by the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, who have lost much and had their wishes and dreams buried under the rubble?

Therefore, the question arises all the more: Who or what gives us hope and support? Who brings hope to the refugee camps, to those who have just escaped a war, destruction, persecution, and earthquake, who have to spend their days in a foreign land, because they cannot live in their own homeland? It is a matter of surviving and continuing to live every day. Hope - in such a hopeless situation!!

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Sara's testimony
– from Islam to Christ

Watch the testimony of Sara, an MBB (Muslim Background Believer) from Iran, who found Christ after seeking a direct connection with God. 

(Enable subtitles to see the English translation)

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The underground church of Iran

Iran is a country known for its strict adherence to Islamic law, which makes practicing any religion other than Islam difficult, especially for converts from Islam to Christianity who now form a huge “underground church.” Despite the challenges, the underground church in Iran has been growing over the past few decades, and it is shaping the future of this restricted country.

The underground church in Iran comprises a network of secret Christian believers who gather in homes, in small groups, and online. They do not have access to church buildings, and they worship in secrecy to avoid persecution. Iranian authorities view those converts to Christianity (known as Muslim Background Believers ‘MBBs’) as a threat to their Islamic regime, and MBBs who openly express their faith face arrest, torture, and even death.

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Pray with us   12.04.2023
Iran prayer campaign
IRAN: The Religious Freedom and Intercultural Working Committee of the Swiss Evangelical Alliance SEA-RES have joined with Iranian brothers and sisters in faith living in Switzerland to call for prayer for Iran.
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Middle East   22.02.2023
Video about the earthquake in Turkey and Syria
Watch the video by our cooperation partner about the current situation in Turkey and Syria.
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