02/12/2022 | Middle East
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80 million people in prison for their faith

ISLAMIC WORLD - The other day, one of our leaders was asked how many people were in prison in Egypt for their faith. He answered without hesitation: "80 million". An interesting conversation ensued. He himself has actually been in prison in Egypt for his conversion to Christianity. So he knows firsthand what it is like to be a target of persecution. But he wanted to open people's eyes to the fact that throughout the Islamic world, people live in bondage as far as their religious affiliation is concerned. Muslims do not have the right or the freedom to renounce their faith or even to adopt another faith. They live under systemic pressure. Their whole life is dictated by Islam. The country of Egypt is just one example here. We are grateful for positive developments in that country as far as the long-established Christian minority is concerned. Over the last few months, the government has allowed them to register thousands of churches, i.e., legalized them. Previously, they were not allowed to make any changes, including repairs, to their buildings. The wrecking ball was constantly threatening... But also in Egypt, as in Jordan, Morocco and other countries known for their more liberal form of Islam, converts from Islam have a very hard time. Pray that CM, with its partners in all these countries, will be able to effectively assist our brothers and sisters who have converted from Islam.