09/16/2021 | Central Asia
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A very encouraging story from Central Asia

CENTRAL ASIA - We give thanks for the courage shown by converts. An example of this: A senior brother paid a visit to the person in charge of religious affairs in his country. He said to himself that he did not want to live in fear, but to establish clear circumstances. So he went to the highest representative of Islam in his country and informed him that he had left Islam and had become a follower of Jesus. The cleric was so stunned by this openness that he did not know how to react at first. Our brother went on to say that he also had a congregation of other converts in his house and also told him the address and the times when they meet "so that the authorities would not have to search long." In doing so, he emphasized that he was a loyal citizen of his country and wanted only the best for his country and his people. The official surprisingly stood up, hugged our brother, and said not to worry, that he realized that the latter was a good person and not a danger to the state.