02/16/2022 | North Africa
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Twelve sudanese communities of MBBs declare their affiliation with CM

SUDAN - The last decades in Sudan have been marked by war between the Islamic north and the majority Christian, or animist, south, as well as by raids by the Arab north Sudanese on the likewise Muslim tribes in Darfur, in the west of the country. Many Darfur residents have been forced to flee the mounted militias. In the last few days, we have received the joyful news that twelve communities of former Muslims, who are now following Jesus in their place of refuge in neighboring countries, have declared their affiliation with CM. For these refugees, too, we want to ask God to add to the new life they have found in Jesus a prosperous future in a safe place to live. Many of these people are traumatized and need special help. Pray that ways will be found to help them, and that God will heal hearts.