TrustBridge: A new option for donating to CM

© Micheile Henderson via Unsplash.com

WORLDWIDE: We are pleased to announce that we now have a new option for international donations!

After a long and thorough process, we were approved to be represented on the platform “TrustBridge”. It is a platform that makes giving and receiving funds internationally more accessible. The platform is based in Switzerland. Their mission is to mobilise resources by making global giving easy. Instead of having to navigate through complex banking systems, donors can give their financial support to their organisation of choice  with a few clicks on the TrustBridge website. The donor can decide on their preferred method of money transfer whether it be a credit card or a different method. The availability of certain methods of giving depends on your residence country. This way, your generosity can flow freely to people in need as well as to aid worthy projects across the globe.

With TrustBridge, money transfer costs are low and US-based donors are able to get a charitable receipt. Anonymous donations are also possible via their platform.

If God has called you to give to our organisation, feel free to bless Communio Messianica on TrustBridge! You can find us via our TrustBridge ID (#233105) or follow the link below.

Go to TrustBridge

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