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01.12.2021 / Prayer Bulletin 12-2021
Prayer Bulletin 12-2021

Saving Grace for all Mankind

»The grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men.« Titus 2:11

Dear Prayer Partners,

This verse from Paul’s letter to Titus is the shortest Christmas message ever. God became man to save us from sin and death. Born as a baby in a cattle shed and raised as a refugee child abroad because his life was threatened, raised in Israel, which at that time was marked by terror and political turmoil, finally betrayed, and tortured to death on the cross: This was God's saving grace for us in Jesus Christ. Therefore, in Hebrews chapter 2:17-18 we read "For this reason he had to be made like them, fully human in every way, in order that he might become a merciful and faithful high priest in service to God, and that he might make atonement for the sins of the people. Because he himself suffered when he was tempted, he is able to help those who are being tempted.” In chapter Hebrews 4:15-16, therefore, we are invited to come to the throne of grace. God knows what we are like. He is close to us in our suffering, comforts us, and gives us strength, courage, and confidence when we come to Him. In Jesus Christ, God's grace has become visible, and he gives us eternal life.

Our current concerns
  • ARABIAN PENINSULA: Considered the heartland of worldwide Islam, Saudi Arabia and its direct neighbours have been hostile to all other religions within their boundaries, especially against Converts from Islam. Though foreign Christians and a number of Muslim Background Believers (MBBs) live in Saudi Arabia, Christians cannot publicly practice their faith and worship. Saudi Arabia recently launched Vision 2030, a plan to develop the country beyond oil dependence. A strategic part is to promote a more secular image in a culture historically marked by ultra-conservative Islam. The Religious Police (mutawa) have been reigned in. Groups of MBBs meet regularly for worship, albeit unofficially. The Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman (MBS) is driving the opening of Saudi Arabia forward, bringing more civil liberties, including the toleration of more Christian activities and the normalization of Relationships with Israel – but at the same time clamping down on the Muslim Brotherhood and other radical Islamic groups with brute force.
    Another country on the Arabian Peninsula, which for security reasons we won’t name here, has a fast-growing Christian church with about 100 congregations and almost as many lay pastors, whom we are training and mentoring. The challenges in the war-striven country are huge, the needs enormous. Our partners are doing what they can as far as their funding allows. Pray for the Arabian Peninsula that Christ would continue to build His Church there!

  • IRAN: Many are disillusioned with God because of the Islamic government, but there are true seekers as well.  Abbas was searching for God from the age of 15, but his parents and brothers were so against God and religion that they threatened to disown him. Instead of continuing in attendance at an Islamic school to become a religious leader, he left the school and went to work for one of the largest mosques in the area. He later joined the army and then became a member of the security police, becoming fully trained in using weapons and the principles on which the Iranian Islamic government works. However, none of these things satisfied his thirst for the true God, and the "religious" people he worked with didn’t practice what they preached. Abbas decided to search outside of Islam to see what other religions say about God and truth. One night, while he was on Google searching secretly, Abbas got connected to the Christian Mohabat (love) TV online chat. A counselor started prayerfully typing out different Bible verses and answering his questions. He requested a hard copy of the Bible, which Mohabbat TV was able to send him. The more Abbas read the Word, the more he realized that Jesus is THE WAY, THE TRUTH and THE LIFE! He accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior that same month. Abbas has been devouring the Word ever since, corresponding with Mohabbat TV’s counselling department. Recently he wrote: “This Word is true Wealth and Wisdom that man can’t find anywhere else! Thank you for your work!"

  • SUDAN (Update): Praise the Lord with us, that the door to a return to democracy has again been at least unlocked again and the reform politician Hamdok reinstated as Prime Minister. Pray that the country would see a time of peace, prosperity, and religious liberty with the indigenous MBB community growing and maturing – “increasing in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man” even as Jesus did (Lk. 2:52).

  • Pray for the LEADERS OF COMMUNIO MESSIANICA: They are facing enormous pressure from the enemy at this phase of our ministry. Satan is “sifting them like wheat” (Lk 22:31f). Personal affliction, threats from radical Muslims, car accidents, exhaustion, suffering of family members, all that and more call for your incessant prayer. Thank you for partnering with us! Thank the Lord with us also that He has opened so many doors for us. Repeatedly he has miraculously provided entry and exit possibilities during travel in critical regions. 

Thank you for supporting us in prayer. 

Shalom- Peace be with you-

Yassir Eric and co-workers



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