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30.09.2022 / Prayer Bulletin 10-2022
Prayer Bulletin October 2022

Mercy and Grace

"...who redeems your life from destruction, who crowns you with grace and mercy." (Psalm 103:3)

Dear brothers and sisters,

Psalm 103 is part of the Passover liturgy. Jesus prayed it with his disciples at the institution of Holy Communion before his death on the cross. For this purpose, Jesus became man, to vicariously take upon himself destruction, to redeem you and me and to make us children of kings, yes, kings of mercy and grace. This is the way God is: we may wrap ourselves up in His grace and mercy as in a cloak. The destruction that threatens us has a thousand faces - but we have a Redeemer: Jesus. His name says it all: God helps. With God no thing is impossible. Grace and mercy triumph over all affliction. This leads us to praise, marvel and worship.

Our current concerns
  • MBBGlobal: November 18th is MBB Global Prayer Day: YOU ARE NOT ALONE!
    Again this year Communio Messianica is partnering with prayer partners around the world to support Believers in Christ from an Islamic background in prayer in all the the trials they face: suffering, isolation and abandonment. These MBBs need us to intercede in pray to God in Jesus’ name on their behalf. Please join with us on the Global Day of Prayer for MBB’s November 18th and tell them: You are not alone! Get involved at https://mbbglobal.net
    MBB Global is the prayer mobilization website of Communio Messianica (CM)
  • Iran: At a CM co-sponsored conference which gathered key leaders of the exile Iranian Church last Month the mind-boggling extent of the growth of the Christian Church gathering former Iranian Muslims was omnipresent. Who would have believed 10 years ago that there would be hundreds of thousands of followers of Jesus Christ inside Iran and perhaps as many outside the country? We are witnessing the explosive growth of the Iranian Church which has alarmed the leadership of this Islamic state.

    Iran is falling into ever increasing turmoil, with the government seeing Christians as a disruptive factor. Many have been sentenced as enemies of the state, agents of foreign states, propaganda against Islam, etc.(„Acting against national security through propaganda against the regime”, and “Insulting the sacred”; „Engaging in educational activities contrary to the holy religion of Islam by establishing house-churches“; “Engaging in propaganda and educational activities for deviant beliefs contrary to the holy Sharia," and “Connections with foreign leaders”; “Acting against national security through membership of an Evangelical Christian church"; „Propaganda against the Islamic Republic”; Acting against national security by promoting Zionist Christianity"; „Actions against national security”, “Gathering and collusion against the state”, and “Membership of an illegal organisation” „etc. etc.)

    The upcoming generation of Iranians is fed-up with Islam. Only 32.2 percent of the population still identifies as Shiite Muslim, 6 percent claim to have left Islam (Gamaan). The Islamic revolution in Iran 1979 has created a society which young people are rebelling against. This has become more and more evident to the outside world since the protests started after the downing of a Ukrainian passenger plane by false judgement in January 2020, followed by protests over water and fuel shortages, curbing internet freedom and other issues.

    Now Protests have again broken out at the funeral of the Iranian Kurdish woman Mahsa Amini, 22, who died after being arrested and allegedly mishandled by Iran’s morality police for allegedly not complying with the strict dress code on head coverings. Eyewitnesses said she was beaten in a police van in Tehran and slipped into a coma later. These allegations were denied by the police. The funeral took place in Ms Amini’s hometown, Saqez, in the western province of Kurdistan and was attended by thousands of sympathizers. Mourners chanted “death to the dictator”, with videos showing police later firing on the crowd. Women at the ceremony were observed removing their headscarves in protest at the compulsory wearing of hijabs. Locals gathered very early in the morning to prevent security forces from preventing a large gathering. Angry protesters marched toward the local governor’s office to protest the death. Security forces subsequently opened fire on protesters, resulting in injuries and arrests. Ms Amini’s gravestone reads: “You didn’t die. Your name will be a code [rallying call].”

    Since the funeral women have taken to publicly burning their chadors/hijabs and the situation is escalating. As of Sept 22, there were protests ongoing in 57 cities. Pray with us that God will calm this turmoil by removing the autocratic state leadership and issuing in a time of grace and peace in which the Church can be salt and light. May Iran know the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ. May our brothers and sisters spread this peace through their witness to the Gospel.

  • LEBANON: Last month we prayed for this failed state. The situation has deteriorated further, with our MBB family suffering more and more from the economic disaster and persecution. Our brother Hassan’s house was burned down to retaliate for his leaving Islam and converting to a follower of Christ. Pray for his family that they would like Job find even better accommodation and be able to continue to disciple other converts from Islam and gather them into the body of Christ through Communio Messianica.
  • LIBYA: CM requests prayer for our MBB Brother Diaa
    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​On September 4, the Misurata Court of Appeal, the first criminal court, issued an attendance judgment in case No. 211/2019, a criminal judgment of 04.09.2022 against defendant Diaa El-Din Ahmed Miftah Balao. In his presence, the court sentenced defendant Diaa Ahmed Balao for the accusations made against him and sentenced him to death for his „insistence on apostasy from Islam“.  The court further ordered the publication of the judgment against him three times at its own expense in the local newspapers of the city as well as a notice at the defendant’s place of residence and also a notice at the seat of the court and by radio on the local Misurata station.

    Contrary to false reports on the Internet, Diaa has not yet been executed. The Supreme Court has not yet heard his appeal. The rumor of his execution spread from Austria is probably based on a misunderstanding. Let us continue to pray for an acquittal in the appellate court!

    From July 29, 2022 - August 01, 2022, we experienced a moving conference in Switzerland. The conference was aimed at all migrant Christians & MBBs (Muslim Background Believers) who love Jesus Christ, who have a vision for evangelism, discipleship, church planting and missions and who want to be a blessing to their environment and the world.

    There were 120 participants from more than 20 different nations: Christians originally from Afghanistan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Syria, Sudan, Algeria, India, Egypt and many other countries. Many participants of "Catch the Vision" had experienced difficult personal crises. They gladly accepted the opportunity for intercession on their behalf. After each session and during the worship times, the Ministry Team was available for prayer and counselling. They prayed for healing, deliverance from fears, and a strengthened psyche, but also for a fresh vision and calling into the ministry to their own people. God's presence was very palpable. There was a great unity and connectedness across the boundaries of languages and nations. This is not a matter of course, because the history of many migrants has left divisive traces: Wars, rivalries and centuries of mutual contempt often have had a very divisive effect here in Switzerland as well. Our employees know this only too well. But the Holy Spirit unites everyone. "We were one big family. We weren’t strangers meeting here, but brothers and sisters," one the team members remarked.

    Strong collaboration

    We as Communio Messianica are grateful that were able to organize this conference together with other organizations in Switzerland like Cultures, MEOS, Arbeitsgemeinschaft interkulturell SEA and BIR. Yassir Eric as one of the keynote speakers spoke a lot about reconciliation. Egzon Shala was part of the organizing team and coordinated much of the program. 

    Together for the Kingdom of God

    Through this conference, new opportunities have emerged. Many migrants who are disciples of Jesus with Muslim backgrounds (MBBs) are now better connected, so too the participating churches and organizations. It was a strong start for ongoing cooperation. A brilliant togetherness has emerged. Native Swiss and migrants alike experienced this common inspiration. It was cooperation between equals on the same level. Both sides have recognized that reaching Migrants can only be achieved together.

    Testimony by an Iranian:

    Hello, my dear brothers and sisters. I wanted to share a testimony with you about my time at the "Catch the Vision" conference. I can boldly say that I experienced one of my most beautiful spiritual moments at this meeting. A very special power and joy came over me that filled my whole being, so that when I sang worship songs my whole body was moved, and I felt great happiness and peace. I really felt the Lord, the Holy Spirit, had an extremely strong anointing and I can say that I was completely anointed by the Holy Spirit. I really pray that such a meeting will be held again so that we can gather again, because now I understand that the presence of God is so well felt in the congregation of believers and praising, and worshiping God renews the power of mind and spirit. I saw the power and glory of Jesus Christ in these few days. Only according to the will of Jesus Christ can all different nationalities or peoples gather together and, above all, share happiness together.

We are extremely grateful to God. He is working and has great plans among MBBs. We thank you for all your prayers. Let us keep on praying.

Thank you for joining us in prayer.

Shalom - Peace be with you -

Yassir Eric and coworkers



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