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01.03.2022 / Prayer Bulletin 03-2022
Prayer Bulletin March 2022

Freedom through forgiveness​​​​​​​

Jesus teaches his disciples to pray "Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us" (Matthew 6:12). People hurt each other. We can suppress the hurt, because life must go on - but suppression makes us hard and bitter. We can't really forgive on our own. But because Jesus took upon himself, on the cross, the punishment for all the evil of this world, we can name the evil done to us by its name and “nail it to the cross”, because Jesus has already paid for it. We are thus set free - even from traumatic experiences, where God sees fit to do so. Yes, because of Jesus, we gain peace of heart and become free to wish well upon those who have hurt us. This is the miracle of forgiveness.

Our current prayer topics
  • REFUGEES: Many former Muslims who have found Jesus must leave their country. Others find Jesus through encounters on their way into exile. At a CM training for refugee converts in the Middle East in recent days, the needs of these brothers and sisters became very clear. Some have had to endure brutal attacks, especially women, who were left unprotected to their tormentors on the route of flight. Smugglers, border guards and police officers are known to rape women as soon as they learn that they have left Islam to follow Jesus. The trauma of these sisters, some of whom have been repeatedly raped, is profound. Please pray that we can help them overcome their trauma and enable them to lead happy lives as disciples of Jesus.

  • CURRENT CHALLENGES: We are facing great challenges to keep up with the pace of events. Our website, messages and prayer letters are expanding, now with localizations in French and Arabic in addition to English and German, and soon in Persian, Turkish, Russian (for Central Asia), Urdu and Indonesian. We are grateful for the competent and trustworthy translators we have been able to recruit for these prayer topics, as well as for all the support we receive in terms of infrastructure. For the website, we are still looking for competent translators. With several regional councils planned for 2022, once the pandemic is over, and our training program resuming with on-site meetings, we have more than enough to do. Pray for wisdom, strength, and the ability to meet these challenges for the good of the MBB community worldwide. Pray also for the new staff we have been able to recruit, that they will quickly find their place in the growing team and fulfill their roles well!

  • 30 DAYS OF PRAYER FOR THE MUSLIM WORLD: On April 2 the fasting month of Ramadan begins for practicing Muslims. A large number of the approximately 1.3 billion Muslims in the world participate in fasting and also observe their other ritual obligations more strictly than usual during this month. Muslims are very much mindful of Allah during Ramadan and often listen to recitations from the Qur'an. They wish to gain Allah's favor and atone for their sins. As Christians, we know that atonement for human sins is only guaranteed through Jesus Christ and His sacrifice on the cross. Therefore, we wish and ask for the Muslims that their religious aspirations be fulfilled through the discovery of Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and through faith in Him. We pray that this will also enable them to discover that God is not only the transcendent and all-powerful Lord, but also the faithful heavenly Father who accepts us as his children. We do not only supplicate for the grace of conversion for individual Muslims, but we ask God to form communities of converted Muslims in all ethnic groups and Muslim countries and to preach the Gospel to their fellow countrymen. This is at the very heart of CM. As this is very difficult or even forbidden in many countries, we pray for freedom of religion in those countries where it is denied until now. CM supports this action and urge you to participate. The website in English with material for purchase is here.

  • SUDAN: We are alarmed at developments in North Sudan. Since the takeover by the military and the „deal“ with the elected government, the influence of the Muslim brotherhood is growing again. The hardliners seem to be getting their way with the interim government. In accordance with that, pressure on other groups is increasing. The situation for Christian converts from Islam in northern Sudan is getting worse. The war in Ethiopia is having an impact on the whole region, as is the building of the Nile dam on the Ethiopian side of the border. But the Islamist movement in Sudan is making use of the unstable situation for its own cause. They are demanding that the liberties gained after the last change in government be rescinded or at least restricted. The good news is, that the groups of believers in Jesus who want to follow him are growing throughout the country. We also hope that Sudan’s joining the “Abraham Accords” with Israel will improve the political climate. We need to pray for the growing Christian community of former Muslims in North Sudan. They need protection from the conservative Islamic elements and provision for their needs. Many cannot make ends meet. Pray with us that God will continue to build his church in North Sudan and provide for His children!
  • MAURITANIA: One of the key leaders of the MBB movement in southern Mauritania is being harassed by members of the Boko Haram movement. After social media mobbing, the mosques in his city started to spread propaganda against him and threaten him via the loudspeakers of the minarets, calling on the faithful to punish him for apostasy, he was forced to move to another city where he is not known. His extended family and the Christian Fellowship he led, however, are still facing the full opposition of the Muslim community. They need our solidarity and prayer for God‘s protection and encouragement.
  • SUB SAHARAN AFRICA: Boko Haram and Fulani tribesman warriors Have been wreaking havoc in this area for the past 20 years. Christian farmers and sedentary secular Muslims are being targeted in this war of attrition which is devastating large parts of the Sahel and sub-Saharan regions. Whole villages with crops have been destroyed. In Nigeria alone during the last five years more than 100.000 Christians have been killed, 13.000 Churches closed or destroyed, over a million driven from their lands. At the same time God has been moving in miraculous ways. One of the youngest additions to the Communio Messianica family Is a network of former Fulani warriors who have left Islam and turned to Christ as light and Lord of their lives. We praise the Lord for what he is doing in this so difficult region across sub-Saharan Africa in 16 states, where the indigenous Fulani apostle “Ibrahim“ has gathered thousands of followers of Christ in all these countries! Let us pray that this movement would have an effective witness among its own people and that many Fulani would come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and into a life in discipleship! They need resilience and courage to complete this task!
  • CM LEADERSHIP: the leaders of CM continue to be in the crosshairs of the enemy. Many are experiencing the onslaught of the evil one in various ways. As we reported over the last few months, there are financial, health, and family issues in addition to outright threats from the Muslim community. One of our leaders with an evangelistic television and streaming ministry for the Horn of Afrika has had to relocate due to threats from his community, even though he is living with his family in Europe.
  • CM MINISTRY: We are facing huge challenges keeping up with the pace of things happening. Our website, news and prayer bulletins need to be translated into French, Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Russian (for Central Asia), Urdu and Indonesian. For this we need competent and trusted translators and the means to cover the costs. With several regional councils coming up in 2022 and the launching of our training programme, we have our plate more than full. Pray for wisdom, strength, and the capacity to rise to these challenges for the betterment of the MBB community worldwide.

Thank you for supporting us in prayer. 

Shalom- Peace be with you-

Yassir Eric and co-workers



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Pdf-Download of the prayer bulletin here
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