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13.09.2021 / CM Newsletter September 2021
A Defining Moment … the Day the West was defeated

Today, as the whole world is puzzled at the rapid and dramatic Taliban reconquest of Afghanistan, it is also being seen as a defining moment as the failure and humiliation of the West, and a stunning victory over the mightiest power in the world. However, we at Communio Messianica (CM) are not surprised. Yassir Eric reports impressively about MBBs in Afghanistan and how Ahmad, being born in the strictest Islamic society, came to Christ. 

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Dr. Yassir Eric, Chairman Communio Messianica  
A word from the Chairman of CM

In this first newsletter by Communio Messianica (CM), I would like to welcome all our readers in our common journey.

Our focus will be on current developments of interest to MBBs worldwide. I encourage you to remain in touch sending us prayer requests and feedback on issues of interest and concern.

At CM, we are standing alongside all our Muslim Background Believer (MBB) brothers and sisters, to encourage all of you to stand firm with a strong sense of identity, community and accountability - as we all face the harsh and developing realities of today together with the confidence of tomorrow, because among many promises, we are told,

“’For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the LORD, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’”

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Testimony from Shino, Somali
Somali Christian TV

Shino and Shania are living as confessing Christians in Somali, a country that calls itself being "100% Muslim". Following North Korea and Afghanistan, Somali is the 3rd most dangerous place to be a Christian. Despite all, they are working at Somali Christian TV, a media and social media ministry that operates on all major social media platforms and are one of the most well-known Somali Christian ministries online. They are telling about their work and how they experience the presence of God in this article.

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Pray with us   06.09.2021
MBB Global Prayer Day 2021
WORLDWIDE - On November 18, 2021, Christians from all over the world pray with and for our brothers and sisters from the Islamic world who have become believers in Jesus.
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West Africa   07.09.2021
Hard times for the young church in Mauritania
MAURITANIA - The young church in Mauritania is experiencing hard times such as incitement from minarets and on social media.
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Middle East   02.09.2021
Leader of an Underground Church released
ARAB WORLD - The leader of an underground church in the Arab World was released after several years in prison.
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