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29.08.2022 / CM Newsletter 2/2022
“I will give them a Name"

“… to them I will give within my temple and its walls a memorial, and a name … that will endure forever …” Isaiah 56:5

The prophet Isaiah speaks here through the Spirit of God, encouraging those who believed wholeheartedly in God, yet labored under great discouragement. 

This is the testimony of many Muslim background believers (MBBs) across the Islamic world and in the diaspora. Many of us were born and grew up in a very hostile environment to the gospel, resisting to accept the grace of God, which is given through the gift of Jesus Christ. Yet God in his mercy met many of the MBBs through dreams, visions, miracles, his word or by simply sensing the love of Christ through followers of Christ, causing the big miracle of time by touching their hearts, minds, and souls to come to know His saving grace in Christ. 

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Justice while fleeing
– a documentary

Egzon Shala, a staff member of Communio Messianica, directed a documentary film about refugees and the question of justice and responsibility.

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Communio Messianica’s “Business as Mission” Challenge

One of the biggest challenges CM faces at the moment, is how to help MBBs remain in their countries and cultural contexts as witnesses for Christ. 

In Communio Messianica we gather former Muslims who wish to openly follow Christ and live as “salt” and “light” in their context, leading others from darkness into Light.

For these reasons CM is addressing the issue of developing ways and means for MBBs to be able to stay in their regions. 

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Middle East   29.08.2022
Lebanon: Perfect Storm of Collapse
LEBANON - MBBs in Lebanon are sharing in the suffering of most Lebanese, and in many cases, they are suffering even more, as their faith has created barriers to receiving international help. Pray that the MBB community in Lebanon would continue to grow and to remain steadfast against persecution and oppression.
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Europe   29.08.2022
Side-Effects of the war against the Ukraine
UKRAINE - More than 100,000,000 people worldwide are now refugees - most of them from conflicts in the Islamic world. Let us pray that the power of Satan will be broken, and that the Gospel will bring light and peace to the Islamic world.
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