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10.04.2022 / CM Newsletter 1/2022
Nehemiah's mourning for Jerusalem and his prayer

"But when I heard these words, I sat down and wept and bore sorrow for days, and fasted and prayed before the God of heaven" (Nehemiah 1:4)

Nehemiah means to give comfort. For our brothers and sisters worldwide, we wish this is the comfort that only God can give. Nehemiah worked inside the fortress of Susa as a cupbearer for the king. With his good job, the external security, the closeness to the king and his associated prestige, he had reached the top. Nehemiah had everything one would want. Many of us are in a similar situation as Nehemiah: in a secure fortress. What moves us when we hear of war and misery, ills in the world? Aren't we glad that these events are far away from us, don't affect us directly? Will we fall in line with Nehemiah and allow the distressing news of our brothers and sisters in faith to move us to mourning, fasting and prayer? Will we carry the sorrow and thereby help rebuild the broken walls? 

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Pray with us   18.02.2022
30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World 2022
The organization „30 Days of Prayer“ puts together many resources for praying for Muslims each year during Ramadan.
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Vision Casting Trip to Turkey

Two CM Council members and MBB pastor living in Brazil travelled to Turkey as part of a vision casting trip, outreach, discipleship, missionary training, and the building up of the local CM organization in preparation for participation officially in the CM regional councils. Turkish and Arab MBB congregations were involved in many of the activities. Read more for a summary of the events that took place during that visit.

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Praying through Ramadan
One Miracle Night

Muslims believe that every year during the month of Ramadan, there is a single night, referred to as the “Night of Power", in which God reveals himself to them. Millions of Muslims pray during Ramadan for a special encounter with God. Many Christians have responded by praying specifically for Muslims during Ramadan to have an encounter with God. Of course, as believers we ask the One True God to reveal himself and His Eternal Son, Jesus Christ, to them in signs, wonders, miracles and dreams. This year many millions of Christians have committed to be praying as part of a “One Miracle Night” event on April 28th, and in other events throughout Ramadan.

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North Africa   16.02.2022
Twelve sudanese communities of MBBs declare their affiliation with CM
SUDAN - In the last few days, we have received the joyful news that twelve communities of former Muslims, who are now following Jesus in their place of refuge in neighboring countries, have declared their affiliation with CM.
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Middle East   04.02.2022
Pray for a safe future for refugees in Turkey
TURKEY - CM includes a number of communities of refugees with a Muslim background in Turkey. These brothers and sisters need our intercession for a secure future and a perspective for their lives.
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