09/06/2021 | Pray with us

MBB Global Prayer Day 2021

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International Day of Prayer for MBBs (Converts from Islamic Background)

WORLDWIDE - On November 18, 2021, Christians from all over the world pray with and for our brothers and sisters from the Islamic world who have become believers in Jesus. In Germany, this day coincides with the Day of Prayer and Repentance.

More and more Muslims are coming to faith in Jesus Christ. When they decide to follow Jesus, many of them face enormous challenges and especially need prayer support. Converts from Islam lose not only their families and jobs, but also identity and freedom. Even in existing churches and by Christians especially in their homeland, they often find rejection, out of insecurity and fear.

But they, who have lost everything for the sake of Jesus, need family and accompaniment. How can we understand, support and pray for our new brothers and sisters who have grown up in such a different way?

Join us to pray together! Our common prayer changes the world (Acts 4:29-31)

On the Day of Prayer November 18, we will offer you two LIVE webinars on our website www.mbbglobal.net and our Facebook page www.facebook.com/mbbglobal. You are cordially invited to participate in one or both of the webinars and pray with us for our brothers and sisters!
You are also invited to pray out loud, in your native language or in English. If you would like to pray along in the LIVE program, please get in touch on our contact form.

The webinars will be broadcast live on our social media (see above). They want to encourage prayer and we want to pray and advocate together with and for our brothers and sisters.