08/29/2022 | Middle East
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Lebanon: Perfect Storm of Collapse

LEBANON - The 17 October 2019 uprising in Lebanon signaled the start of the expected “perfect storm” that has continued to engulf the country till the present time. Starting with the default of the central bank to cover its national debt payments, thus triggering the crisis in an atmosphere where already 25% of the population is composed mostly of Syrian refugees. With Covid, the August 4, 2020, explosion at Beirut harbor, political instability, and corruption, all contributed to transforming Lebanon from a relatively affluent country, to one on the lower scale of poor nations. Today the Lebanese Lira is trading at almost 30,000 Lira’s to the dollar. Prior to the uprising it was trading at 1,500 Lira’s to the dollar, i.e., at 5% of its earlier value. Today, the country continues to suffer from this perfect storm—a country that has always been a shining light in the region because of her open society and relative religious liberty. Thanks to the latter, CM has been involved in the nurturing of MBB churches and home groups, with many having been baptised by CM ministers. These MBBs are sharing in the suffering of most Lebanese, and in many cases, they are suffering even more, as their faith has created barriers to receiving international help. Furthermore, we have seen instances of persecution, and even killing of MBBs because of their faith. Pray that the MBB community in Lebanon would continue to grow and to remain steadfast against persecution and oppression. Pray also that the local Lebanese church would continue to provide support in many ways.