02/13/2023 | Middle East
Residents find refuge in small church building. © Private

First impressions after the earthquake in Turkey and Syria

SYRIA/TURKEY: After the massive earthquake hit Turkey and Syria on 6th February 2023, CM's partners are distributing food supplies to the survivors. 

If you would like to help, will be happy to pass your financial gift on through CM.

Our bank details: 

Bank: IIRF-D / CM

Evangelische Bank Kassel

IBAN · DE11520604100005015871


Designated purpose: Erdbebenhilfe CM

Our partners bring help to those in need - Christians and Muslims. © Private
Silence in the streets as people have left the now unsafe buildings. © Private
People watching an excavator digging in the ruins of collapsed buildings. © Private
Our partners are bringing food to survivors. © Private
The catastrophe left many people homeless and in fear. © Private