09/06/2023 | Middle East

Earthquake update VII from CM leader in Turkey

Our partners bring help to those in need - Christians and Muslims. © Private

We came to earthquake area Hatay yesterday. There are so many needs. Shelter is the biggest one. Then it did heavily rain the whole night. 

I was helping in a station that serves three meals a day. A man with a his young daughter came to get food. He was driving a Nissan pickup truck. While his daughter was waiting for her turn in the queue his eyes got my attention. They were watery and I could easily see the deep sadness in his face. He got a cigarette and started smoking.

I approached him and offered him a cup of tea while waiting. He started crying. He turned his back to his daughter and said “I do not want my daughter to see me cry. Everything is so bad.” he said. And “We did not deserve this. I am driving a million worth vehicle and we had everything, but I cannot provide for my family. We have nothing left now.”

He told me a little bit about their situation. They are four families living together outside of their home. There is no shelter, no running water, no electricity. He has a daughter with breathing problem. She must breathe through a machine every day. Since there is no electricity, she cannot do that. They tried everything but they were not able to get electricity in their home.

I was so moved by his story. I promised him that I will help him with tents for his family, and a generator that will provide some electricity for his people and daughter.

He thanked me so many times. 

I told him that is not me who gives the money. But the Christians that want to help because Jesus told them so.

"I told him that is not me who gives the money." CM leader Turkey

There are so many other stories. People are starting to cry just after a small act of kindness. Children are looking so sad. A mother was running after her son because he suddenly changed so much after the earthquake. “I cannot control him anymore. He never listens to me.” she said.

People are looking so confused. We Christians, God’s people, have a great responsibility beside a great opportunity: to proclaim His love and kindness by our actions and give the hurting people hope. We must reach out to them and take some of the burdens that they are carrying.

Thank you so much for your financial support as CM, dear brothers, and sisters. It is very much needed. And it will help so many people.


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