02/25/2023 | Middle East

Earthquake Update III from CM leader in Turkey

Silence in the streets as people have left the now unsafe buildings. © Private

25th February 2023

(Shortened version)

Peace be with you!

Here is the most current update concerning our needs from the field.


Antakya Center: 500 blankets, 500 mattresses (mats) and more than 50 tents reached the region today. A pick-up truck was also purchased to help the service in the region. From tomorrow onwards, the installation of tents and distribution of supplies will continue. Işık church is distributing food in the area. They are feeding 15,000 people daily.


Antakya Defne District: Brother A. is serving there. They pack half of the supplies and deliver them to the villages they reach. They serve in the villages and interior parts of the region.


Antakya Samandağ District: Sister D. and brother P. (both from different protestant churches) are serving there. They pack and distribute the aid they collect in a storage warehouse they got access to by the local municipality. Electricity and water shortages continue in the region. After the last earthquake, more houses were destroyed, so shelter and heating are important problems.


Antakya Altınözü District: Brother S. is serving in the area, the church has previously provided tents for the houses in the neighborhood. The church is currently packing and distributing relief supplies with its young people. People in the neighborhood come to the church and share their needs and the church tries to meet these demands.


In the Antioch region, there are also brothers and sisters from Istanbul who meet as house churches who are preparing parcels and delivering them to the brothers and sisters who are distributing in the regions.


Iskenderun: In Iskenderun, brother B. is coordinating the service. A church is currently being used as a warehouse. Since the building was damaged in the second earthquake, it is very dangerous to stay inside. The materials for the tent city are slowly arriving.

They have started to set up the tent city. This service will be very useful in the long run.


Adana: U. brothers are serving there. The church serves the whole region. They meet the needs in Iskenderun, Antakya or Samandağ and in Kahramanmaraş and contribute to the supply chain. With their two panel vans, they carry aid and supplies to many parts of the region. There is a warehouse in Adana where they distribute supplies upon requests. Brother J. from another church in Adana takes care of the warehouse.


Kahramanmaras: M. is serving there with his team. The weather conditions in Kahramanmaraş are still bad, and the district governorship does not want the aid that comes through the church because of people who tried to evangelize to earthquake victims in the past few weeks. The containers that the Kurtuluş church wanted to send there were turned back by the Elbistan district governorate. Therefore, working there is very difficult and requires wisdom. There, too, the parcels are delivered to those in need. Tents are set up. Stoves (electric or wood) are an important need.


Adıyaman: In Adıyaman, the tent installation is ongoing, the brothers E. & E. are going to the houses in need with the profiles and materials they have prepared themselves and serving there. They also prepare boxes of aid and deliver them to the areas in need. The brothers also provide food distribution services through their kitchen. An unused factory in the region is used as a warehouse.


Malatya Kurtuluş Church: Brother J. and Brother B. are distributing food and supplies in the area. They deliver the food to those in need. Since they have a kitchen service, they need help with food supplies.


Most of the brothers and sisters serving in the region have to return home on the weekends and return to the region at the beginning of the week, which necessitates circulation. The most important problem for the servants in the region is showers, toilets, and proper housing.


If you would like to donate to these affected brothers and sisters who are already suffering hardship, we will be happy to pass this on through CM.

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