02/23/2023 | Middle East

Earthquake Update II from CM leader in Turkey

Survivors of the earthquake are being visited by our partners. © Private

22nd February 2023


P. and I recently visited the Maraş region. First we visited Pazarcık, which is 45 minutes away from Maraş. As you know, Pazarcık has been declared one of the main earthquake bases. You can see how bad it is when you enter the city. Many buildings have been destroyed or are unusable. The rubble is still being removed. Some tents have been set up in the area. The brothers and sisters who serve have to go in and out, they cannot stay. It seems that there is no way to provide continuous local assistance and people have to travel in and out of the city to provide assistance.


After Pazarcik we went to Maraş. There are almost no intact buildings left, especially in and around the centre. There is rubble removal going on. People are trying to salvage their belongings from the buildings. There are many vehicles on the streets carrying household goods. People are going to neighbouring provinces or regions. This will give the brothers and sisters the opportunity to serve the earthquake victims more, especially in places like Adana and Mersin. They are in need and suffering. It is our responsibility to reach them and help them.


In Maraş, under the coordination of brother M. from our church in Kayseri, a team is being established. But the church has had difficulties in helping because foreign missionaries have had problems with the government, and this has even been written about in the press. This shows us how important it is for outsiders to work with the local church. Our brother M‘s son Isa and a group of German brothers and sisters are taking advantage of every opportunity. They are providing services such as distributing supplies and setting up tents. Not only in the province of Maras, but also in the neighbouring towns and villages. May the Lord bless them.

There is a great need for services in the Maras area. With a significant part of the town still standing, the people are able to meet their needs. But in the long term, especially in the towns and villages, there is a need for ongoing ministry, visitation and outreach. As we serve in this capacity, the needs of the local people are being met while the love of Christ is being shown. There is certainly a need for long-term ministry. This is never a ministry that can be done alone. It is a burden that can only be carried by all of us together.

May the Lord give us unity and love, brothers and sisters.


P. and I are on our way back to Istanbul. The Lord willing, we would like to stay in Istanbul for a while. We are thinking of perhaps making a similar trip. It is very important to visit and encourage the brothers and sisters. Please pray for us that the Lord will open doors.

It is certain, dear brothers and sisters, that God has great plans for our nation. We can see the signs. It seems inevitable that there will be an awakening in our country in the near future. Let us prepare our hearts. Let us stand before the Lord in fasting and prayer and draw near to Him. We want to encourage you to come together, to worship together and to have long times of prayer. The awakening must first be in us, the faithful brothers and sisters, in the churches. The fire here will attract others and grow.

May the Lord bless you all.

If you would like to donate to these affected brothers and sisters who are already suffering hardship, we will be happy to pass this on through CM.

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