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CM in West Africa

WEST AFRICA: CM is in the consolidation phase of bringing our people together in West Africa. It is amazing, what God is doing there!

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Naher Osten 25.01.2023

CM Christmas Campaign

TURKEY: There are many MBB (Muslim Backround Believers) refugees stranded in Turkey, mainly from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran. Many of them do not receive any financial help and live in abject poverty. There are 17 CM-affiliated MBB (Muslim Background Believer) churches in Turkey, which together have more than 1,000 children.


MBB Global Prayer Day Report

WORLDWIDE - November 18th 2022 was the third annual MBB Global Day of Prayer. It was an amazing day and a great success. The event was broadcast on 73 channels, and in 5 different languages: English, Arabic, Urdu, Farsi and Turkish.