Vision Casting trip to Turkey

Two CM Council members and MBB pastor travelled to Turkey during the period, January 21 – February 11, 2022, as part of a vision casting trip, outreach, discipleship, missionary training, and the building up of the local CM organization in preparation for participation officially in the CM regional councils. Turkish and Arab MBB congregations were involved in many of the activities. Here is a summary of the events that took place during that visit:

  • four days: Training seminars in Istanbul for Latin American missionaries serving the Lord in the Turkish-speaking world. Approximately 25 were in attendance. The topics were:
    • Biblical response to Islamic doctrines
    • Missiological approach within a Muslim cultural context
    • Church planting: Formation of Christ-centered communities
    • Effective use of media in evangelism and discipleship

All were very touched by their love for Jesus and enthusiastic commitment to reach and serve in the Islamic context. This training enabled them to fulfill this role in a meaningful and profound way.

  • three days: Meetings in Istanbul with young MBB pastors representing 5 different congregations from Syria, Iraq, and Jordan, to explain CM as part of our “Vision Casting” campaign. The meetings included evangelism and discipleship training, visits to their congregations and spending fellowship time. It was very encouraging to see how they have grown in their faith despite the difficulties, persecutions, and the many challenges that still face them by being refugees in Turkey.
  • for five days: The team participated in the Turkish Evangelical Alliance (TAK) conference in Antalya with 200 people in attendance. During the conference, the CM team explained and shared the vision of CM.
  • two days: The CM team had meetings in Istanbul with the Joyce Meyer ministries, to plan cooperation and joint projects in Southeast Asia, and the use of media to reach the Muslim communities and other unreached groups in that region.
  • three days: CM and Al Hayat Ministries carried out social media training for MBBs from 10 different churches across Turkey. There were five trainers and 36 participants, not only from Turkey, but also from Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan, and Nigeria.